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In you play as a simple cell. In order for your cell to grow you have to absorb smaller cells, but be wary of the cells larger than you who are attempting to do something similar. This kind of game is certainly not new. In fact, one of our most addictive games is extremely similar. Nonetheless, has a couple more tricks that make it even more addictive and entertaining. This is great for baiting some players and has a few uses when escaping. Always be aware of your cells' locations and whether they're about to join together again or not. Even with all of the above tips, always remember that a good portion of the game is luck. You can remember where all the obstacles are, where the biggest guys like to hang out, and the general aggression level of the map -- but sometimes you just get lucky or unlucky. Not every run is going to go great (nor terrible), and that's just the nature of the game. Copyright © 2018-2019 All Rights Reserved.
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